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1st Kangchenjunga Marathon on 30th Oct to 7th Nov 2015 Organised by SAMA & STDC

Sikkim Amateur Mountaineering Association(SAMA)

Sikkim Amateur Mountaineering Association (SAMA) was founded in the year 2002 by young, energetic and adventure lover youths of Sikkim. Activities and functions of a mountain and adventure related NGO was also on the road along with us. We approached the Government in the year 2003. In fulfillment of the administrative formalities it took some time to get the official nod and registration. In the year 2005 SAMA got its official recognition & registration. After its inception we have been involved in various mountaineering and adventure activities in the state of Sikkim.
AT Present SAMA has a total membership of 250 strong members amongst them 20 members are advance certified, 50 members are basic certified, 2 members are specialized in Search and Rescue while the rest of the members have attended different adventure camps and other workshop in different places / institutes.

The future for mountaineering and climbing in Sikkim looks very promising. The State Government has made it easier for foreign visitors to get access to some interesting peaks that are away from the borders. Meanwhile, the border areas are becoming less sensitive, and hopefully in the future tourism and mountain recreation can resume there as well. The tourism service providers in the capital Gangtok are friendly and reliable, and are being supported by the Ministry of Tourism and the Sikkim Amateur Mountaineering Association (SAMA). Together, they are expanding their capacity to provide services to international tourists and mountain recreationists, and at the same time promoting sustainable development in mountain regions. Hence, climbers and mountaineers in Sikkim are developing local skills and knowledge, helping with local guide training, and giving opportunities to young people in Sikkim to enjoy climbing and mountaineering. With limited resources, SAMA has been doing an excellent job.

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